Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FAQ #6: What Can I Do?

1) Sign the petition (see top right corner) or click here. (You can see a geographic view of signatories so far.)

2) Vote in our online poll.

3) If you have a blog or other site, please add our logo to your site, or otherwise add a link to this site. (Right click on the logo and select 'View Image', for the logo URL.) If you're on Facebook or Twitter, please mention that you just signed the petition and provide a link.

4) Find your state legislators and send them each an email.

5) Share with others what you did by posting in the comments section for this post.

6) Sleep a little better, knowing that you're making a difference.


Anonymous said...

Signed the petition. Check.
Answered your poll. Check.

- S in Lynnwood.

Michelle McIntyre said...


Signed the Petition.
Voted in the poll.

Done and will continue to do:

Promote via blog, facebook and twitter.
Became the campaign's fan club administrator on facebook.
Promote via word of mouth.

To do:

Send out mass e-mails to pro-life and fiscally conservative friends via pro-life lists and yahoo groups.

E-mail my pro-abortion-choice legislators.

Brainstorm for more ideas.