Sunday, November 9, 2008

FAQ #2: What Points Should I Make When Contacting My Legislator?

  1. Make sure they know that you are in command of the basic facts, not just reacting to "some story" you heard. Those facts are that the Department of Health & Human Services spends around $7 million each year paying for about 14,000 abortions. This is through the Medicaid program. That money ends up in the hands of abortion providers. Many of those abortion providers pull down salaries of about $250,000/year. In short, they don't need the money.
  2. Ask them whether they think this is a morally or fiscally responsible way to spend $7 million of taxpayers' money?
  3. Ask them if they support what amounts to subsidies to the abortion industry?
  4. Washington state is one of only four states which pays abortions through Medicaid without exception. Ask what it is we know that the other 46 states don't.
  5. Point out that you only subsidize something if you want to encourage it. Ask them if they support government policies which encourage people to choose abortion.
  6. Ask them if they want to see the abortion rate go down. If so, how does making 60% of abortions free achieve that?
  7. Much of this $7 million goes to Planned Parenthood, which in this state makes a $5 million profit each year, and has doubled its revenues in the last 8 years. They make $7 million of profit just in sales of birth control to low income women. They are increasing their abortion business by 11% each year. Ask your legislators if they support taking money from your family to give handouts to these massively profitable abortion businesses.
  8. If your legislator is "pro-choice", ask them whether they support your right to choose whether or not to pay for someone else's abortion?
  9. Ask them if they would you support legislation to bring Washington's laws into line with the rest of the country and stop using tax money to pay for abortions.

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