Sunday, November 9, 2008

FAQ #3: Who do I contact in the state government?

Good question. In this state, no matter where you live, you have 3 state elected legislators in Olympia:
  • 2 State Representatives, and
  • 1 State Senator.
We encourage you to contact all three.

In order to find out who they are, go here and type in your street address. You can send them an email through the website.

If you are comfortable writing a letter and sending it in the mail, go ahead and do that. Better yet, if you are comfortable calling them up on the phone, that's even better. But if that's too much for you, the email route is a great place to start.

Make sure not only to tell them what you think, but to ask them what their position is, and make it clear you would like a response. When you get a response, please let us know. We're going to track each state legislator's positions.

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